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08 Call Costs

08 Call Costs

Call Rates, Tarrifs, Charges and Call Prices for 08 numbers;-
There are many different 08 ranges and so here at 08UK we totally understand that it can be confusing to know how much any particular 08 call costs especially when these charges are significantly more to call from mobiles than from landlines.

Check with your mobile provider & ask them to provide you with a full list of rates for if/when you call any 08, 03 or 09 number from their network. The mobile networks have for many years charged much more to call 08 & 09 numbers, we believe there should be no difference between landline & mobile rates now, there is no reason why the mobile networks should be charging us so much more.

Given all the above never-the-less & in an attempt to offer some further assistance to anyone wanting to know how much does it cost from a BT landline;-

080X numbers are free to call when calling from any UK landline or Mobile post mid 2015. See more here on Ofcom change to 0800 pricing.
03XX numbers are charged at a 'local rate', which is usually charged to the caller at around 1.5p or less at peak time period & less on evening & on weekends from a UK landline.

All networks including mobile networks charge for calls to any UK 03 number at the same rate as 01/02 numbers with inclusive 03 included in minute packages just like an 01 or 02 number calls.

0870 numbers are charged at a 'national rate', which now following Ofcom changes that came in to effect on 1st Aug 2009 is charged to the caller at around 2p at peak time & less on evening & on weekends from any UK landline.

This price per minute can vary massively still so it still depends upon which network/telecom company you are with as to what exactly you pay. Given this charge per minute was around 6.7p Peak on BT landline previously this Ofcom change is a huge improvement for callers.

BT are including (for domestic customers only) calls to 0870 & to 0845 numbers in some inclusive minute packages like an 01 or 02 call.

0844/3 numbers are charged at the same low rate of up to 4.265p/minute at all times +VAT.
Some 0844 numbers are charged at 2 & some at 3p & some at 4p depending upon the number from a UK landline.

0845 numbers are charged at local rate, which is currently on BT business lines is around 3.4p at peak time, 1.7p evening & 0.6p on weekends for most from a UK landline.

Many BT domestic packages do include calls to 0845 & 0870 now at the same rate as 01 or 02 calls.

Note 3.4p for 0845 a minute is not a 'local rate' anymore - deregulation has reduced.

0845 may go through a similar Ofcom change soon as 0870 has already.

0871/2 numbers are charged at the rate of up to 8.65p/minute at all times from a BT line + VAT. Some 0871 numbers are charged at 4 & some at 6p & some at 8.65p depending upon the number from a UK landline.

Here at 08UK we provide 08, 03 & 09 numbers to UK businesses.

If you do want a new number or want to move/port an existing - give us a call now!

For more information please call us for free on 0800 95 313 95 or email our team using or SMS '08UK' to 84433 (standard rate text) & we will be happy to call you back.

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